Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pictures

For the next few weeks I’m going doing to do a series entitled Wedding Wednesday.  Back story, hubs and I started dating July 4, 2006.  I was 17.  We were engaged July 4, 2007.  Five years, yes you read that right, five years later we finally picked a wedding date, September 14, 2013.  Looking back I am glad we chose to hold off for that long.  Not because I was too young (yes I was!) but because waiting allowed us to have the wedding of our dreams!  It was truly the most amazing day of our lives!!  We had some amazing help along the way which you will see more of in the coming weeks.

Even though we had been engaged for quite some time, our photographer gave us an engagement shoot with our photography package so we took full advantage.  We did our pictures on September 13, 2012, exactly one year away from our wedding.  I’m a sentimental person so I put a lot of thought into our photos and wanted to make each aspect of them unique and meaningful.

The first location was the site of our first date.


The next shots taken at a windmill had significance being a landmark in the town Josh grew up and of course the American flag pays tribute to our “dating” anniversary, July 4th.


The shots at the football field were a bit rushed because we were starting to lose daylight for the beach but I’m so glad we squeezed them in.  Josh actually played on that field as a kid.   3

We ended at the beach and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  We changed behind a little shack and even though hubs forgot his tie, I still love the shots.


All photo credit goes to the lovely Mandy Mayberry Photography!

After the beach, we changed and went back to our first date location and reminisced over dinner!

Hope you enjoyed them!

Have a great day!

xo, Ash

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