Polkadots & Stripes

I don’t know how to say this.  I am addicted to polkadots & stripes followed closely by leopard & sparkle.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen at least five separate occasions where I’m wearing one or the other or sometimes…both.  I think what I love most about both prints is that they are so versatile.  Polkadots & stripes pair well with lots of other prints along with going together perfectly.  You can dress them up or dress them down and my addiction doesn’t stop at clothes.  I like stripes in my home, polkadots in my accessories and the list goes on.

In honor of my addiction I’ve decided to share some of my favorite polkadot and stripe pieces with you today!


dots & stripes (JCrew sold out)//navy stripe//black stripe (on sale!)//pink polkadot


polkadot tights//striped socks//polkadot KEDS


striped dress// polkadot jeans//striped blazer

And for fun here are some non-clothing related things-

1.  striped ceiling and DIY corkboard.

2. Mani and pillows.

So tell me, do you love polkadots & stripes as much as I do or is there another print you can’t get enough of?

xo, Ash

2 thoughts on “Polkadots & Stripes

  1. Yes, I adore stripes, dots, leopard and sparkes (especially crystal necklaces). I’ve had to try to stop myself from buying every shirt I see in stripes…;)
    I’m shooting for tomrw to have the Award post up on my blog. Thanks again for thinking of my blog. XO!

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