Wedding Talk

I wanted to get this post up yesterday but that didn’t happen.  I need to get better at preparing posts ahead of time.  It’s not the “actual” wedding so it’s okay if it’s not up on Wedding Wednesday right?  Just agree with me 🙂

I was married September 14, 2013.  It was the BEST day of my life.  Today I’m sharing the events which led up to the said best day of my life.

My bridal shower took place 7/27/13 at the country club my parents belong to.  It was perfect and my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids did the BEST job!  Everything was so thoughtfully planned and they put so much effort into it with a lot of DIY projects.  For activities we did “who knows the bride best”, toilet paper dress and a clothespin game.  I’m currently in the midst of planning my Maid of Honor’s shower so pressure is on!  (bottom is myself and a friend and in the pink dress is my Maid of Honor).


Next up, bachelorette party.  The girls decorated my car first and then the hotel room with streamers.  My Maid of Honor gave goodie bags to each of us which included some next morning remedies, champagne and funny sunglasses.

  bach car bach

There were only 3 others besides myself and that was totally okay!  We went into Boston for the night, had a delicious dinner and then went to a bar afterwards for dancing and more drinks.  I had such a great time!


My last work day was a Wednesday and work gave me a donut cake in bride form!


Thursday before my wedding my mother, grandmother, MOH and I went to the nail salon.  A co-worker/friend/2nd mom brought some goodies and made it so special! End result was the most perfect wedding mani!

1235240_10200680398192583_1237993104_n 1238179_10200683380987151_1531388989_n

I don’t have too many rehearsal pictures, or good ones at least. It was held at the same location as my bridal shower.  It was only family and bridal party.  It was fun and relaxed.  Josh and I gave each set of parents frames for wedding pictures along with individual gifts for each of them.  They loved everything!  After the rehearsal, the girls and I went back to the hotel where we would be getting ready the next morning (I booked a suite) and we just hung out and talked until we fell asleep.  Great end to the events that led up to the most important day, WEDDING DAY!  Can’t wait to start sharing the wedding next, on Wednesday, promise.

Be back later with Shop Talk Thursday that I’m really excited about!

xo, Ash

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