all about The Office

no not the show.  Our home office.  Since buying our house in May we’ve done quite a bit but nothing is completely finished.  Last weekend we found some motivation to start yet another project but this time we will be finishing it, hopefully by Sunday.  At least the furniture and painting part.  No room is ever done right?  We went to Ikea and bought two of these, four of these and one of this.  We also grabbed a few accessories, one of which is a table lamp that I am obsessed with (see below)!  I am hoping to show before and after and progress pictures with you guys soon!!  In the meantime I wanted to share our inspiration and some of my favorite office accessories.


An office for two with lots of inspiration artwork!


this map wall and those ghost chairs are amazing!


clean and beautiful space.

I have to do my best to mix feminine with masculine while still pleasing both of us.  The walls will be grey with accents of black, mint and gold.  We will incorporate a chalkboard wall, hopefully shelving similar to this and I would like to do this inside the closet, as well as making space for a guest.  It’s a tall order and I can’t wait to show you guys the results!

Office Supplies

1. This lamp is amazing! It’s the one I mentioned above.  Nickel, gold and a striped cord!!
2. Everyone needs the perfect coffee mugThis one would do as well!
3. Last night I scored a Sugar Paper for Target calendar in mint!  Mint to be 😉
4. This will be perfect for all my washi tape.
5.  Of course you have to have the matching stapler.
6. pretty pretty pencils making writing more fun
7. These are sold out but these are the ones I’m eyeing.  So fun.
8.  The hubs has been wanting a globe for the longest time and this one just might fit the bill.

happy Wednesday.  be back later with more wedding goodness!!

 xo, ash

4 thoughts on “all about The Office

  1. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I am probably most excited about decorating our office…there are just too many cool things you can do with it! Oh, and I totally understand trying to mix the masculine and feminine. Tricky sometimes, but I am sure the husbands will be happy not to be swallowed up by florals everywhere they look 🙂

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