Wedding Wednesday

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We were married (and partied) in a botanical garden in our area.  It’s one of the most unique (I think) venues around here and not many people knew of it or if they did, didn’t realize weddings could take place there.  Being a botanical center, you would think I didn’t need a lot of flowers.  Wrong, kinda.  The venue had lots of beautiful greenery, not a lot of flowers.  You could do without them but they were the biggest color in our wedding and really made the vision come to life.  Our colors were grey & purple and they really popped against the greenery.  I tried to keep the decor as simple as my vision would allow 😉

p.s.  I feel like I was ahead of the game with this years Pantone color of the year being radiant orchid.

all images via Mandy Mayberry photography
1375060_10200850665409157_1006098030_n 1379649_10200850656568936_1257919267_n

 Josh’s mother passed away in 2005 so we really wanted to honor her at the wedding.  Orchids are her favorite flower so we had them placed on the bench at the front with a note that read “the love between a mother and son is forever”.


That purple chandelier might be one of my favorite details!

1383473_10200850665929170_1274230181_n 1395153_10200850671889319_1212753797_n

You see the ugly cry??  Yeah I’m proud of it.  It shows so much emotion and I LOVE that picture with my dad. 1381929_10200850672849343_1065495635_n1374322_10200850680369531_2115972690_n

Funny story, I do the left and right hand motion sometimes when I drive so Josh squeezed my hand to let me know which hand to put his ring on.  I still messed it up.  As I was putting the ring on his wrong finger and I guests were telling me “wrong one, wrong one” but I didn’t hear them.  After I put it on, he took it off put it not the correct finger.  Tell me I’m not the only one 😉


Josh’s mother’s side of the family is greek so in addition to that we did a toast of ouzo, a greek liquor, right before the first kiss.


You may now kiss the bride!!

1381904_10200850698969996_702134217_n 555917_10200850699170001_1745515385_n 1381706_10200850700050023_1548830821_n

I know I say this every time I post about our wedding, but I truly love going through our pictures again.  It was THE BEST day of my life.  I wish I could relive it all over again.

A big thank you to my wedding coordinator turned friend Brandi of Blissful Events!  None of this would have been possible without her help!!

Have a great night!

xo, ash

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