How to: Mini Ombre Cake

Hope you ladies had a lovely, LOVE filled weekend.  After cooking me dinner and gifting beautiful flowers, hubs surprised me and paid for my facial Saturday!  Best husband award goes to him!

I mentioned that I was making Valentine’s dessert on Friday and hoping to share my how to today.  Well here it is!!  They aren’t the greatest pictures (all iPhone) but it was easy & delicious!  p.s. don’t be jealous of my orange counters.  I mentioned we are in the midst of re-doing things, right?!

I found the recipe via Pinterest but it’s from the blog, I Wash, You Dry.  Mine isn’t nearly as pretty as hers though!

photo 1Fotor0217123927

This is a really easy recipe and comes out looking like it took a lot more work that it does.  As you can see, I always drink when I bake 😉  Maybe that’s why my cake isn’t as pretty…hmm?!  A few tips, have more 8″ round cake pans, I only had one so cooking the 4 separate cakes took a while.  For photo purposes, having bowls all the same look and size would have been better but I worked with what I had.  I believe the recipe calls for 12 drops of red food coloring in the darkest pink however I didn’t think it was contrasting enough so I added more.

photo 4 photo 5

My frosting didn’t come out like it was supposed to, I think.  It wasn’t as thick as I think it should have been but taste is all that matters, right?!  You live, you learn.  Hence why my cake looks a little lopsided, slippery frosting.  Also, what you can’t see is the back of the cake wasn’t so pretty.  I was impatient and didn’t wait for the cakes to cool before cutting with the cookie cutter so it may or may not have missing pieces.

photo 6 photo 2(1)

I love that this cake is easy like I said, but also can be adapted to a larger cake and in any color you want.  This was the first time I had done something like this (other than mini apple pies) and overall I think it was a success!  It was fun, tasted great and the hubs loved it!!  Isn’t she cute! 

Happy Monday!

xo, ash

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