Wedding Wednesday

I was doing soo good staying on track and doing Wedding Wednesday actually on Wednesday but alas, I missed it again.  So Wedding Thursday it is!

We are getting close to the end (next week will be my last post).  Next week’s post may just be my favorite though.  It will include all the “details” aka the things that drove me crazy and our exit of the night.

This week though is the reception & cake cutting.

Don’t judge, but I decided to have fun with our bridal party entrance.  They wanted to kill me but in the end I think they enjoyed it!  Girls came in cheering and shaking pom-poms, formed two lines, 2 girls on each side and guys ran through.  All the guys play or have played some sport so when they were introduced it went something like…”John Smith starting quarterback”.  My brother played golf so he came in with his pants tucked into his socks revealing argyle socks and another groomsman came in with a football and pretended to have it signed.  Cheesy, I know but it was a lot of fun.

1382352_10200850806652688_1156279350_n1378832_10200850809972771_1920885466_n 1384172_10200850809532760_688117848_n

We came in normally and went right into our first dance.  Our first dance song is called Never Stop (wedding version) by Safetysuit.  I’m so in love with our song!!

1380058_10200850811172801_1043756053_n575675_10200850821893069_1876405229_n 1095043_10200850821333055_57770337_n 1381894_10200850821653063_1326043991_n

Then onto cake cutting & father/daughter dance.

I had to do collage for the cake cutting.  He decided to be funny and smash the cake in my face and I think the series of photos is pretty cute.  But I got him back 😉

cake cutting 1377006_10200850867494209_2104987010_n1381835_10200850867214202_947390775_n

Lastly, candids from the night.  I love all of our friends and family.  If they weren’t in the photo-booth, they were on the dance floor with me.  I don’t think I got off the dance floor for more than 10 minutes.  So much fun!!  I wish I could re-live it all over again.  Luckily, that’s what I have these pictures for.  And yes I had two pregnant bridesmaids, but they were great!

1379830_10200850896414932_768443773_n 1380206_10200850835733415_265961876_n 1380670_10200850857893969_1593677079_n 1385751_10200850967696714_163411663_n1390532_10200850882134575_1186909621_n


Hope you guys are enjoying my wedding posts.  See you next week (on Wednesday!)

xo, ash

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