NYC & The Roger

As I mentioned in my Friday post, I went out of town last weekend.  I didn’t go into detail as it was a surprise for my husband for his birthday.  He was so excited and I was just happy to get away to somewhere different for the weekend.  I booked a room at The Roger Hotel after some recommendations.  I ended up getting a great deal thanks to the price watch feature on  The Roger was outstanding!!

photo 2(2)

I apologize in advance for some not so great photos.  All via iPhone.

It had adorable b&w striped awnings out front and the inside was even more gorgeous.  It has this vintage yet modern vibe.  It also wasn’t overly girly or manly, it was just right!  The hotel was recently renovated and they really put a lot of work into the details.  I LOVED the lobby.  The colors, the couches, the lights..all the gold!  swoon!  No detail was left untouched and the quality was outstanding!  And they had a bar right in the lobby!

  photo 4(2)

photo 1(3)

photo 3(2)

photo 3(5)

I loved these vintage looking elevator numbers and how adorable is this door sign?!


  Beautiful details continued inside the room.  I don’t think I’ve ever loved a room key more than this one and the blue velvet & nail heads…

photo 5(1)photo 1

The bed was sooo comfortable!  I could have moved right in but alas we had to come home 😦

photo 4(1)

   My father lives in NY so I’ve been quite a few times and also been to city more than once.  I’ve never stayed in the city though so that was a new experience.  I believe where the hotel was located was considered midtown which was the perfect location.  Within walking distance of a lot and even a short cab ride to a few places.  Prior to going I had two places on my list I wanted to stop at and we were able to!

When we arrived, we walked around 5th Avenue and ended up stopping at Eataly for lunch.  If your Italian or love Italian it’s a must.  Inside Eataly there are quite a few options for eating along with all the pasta and pasta sauce you can imagine.  We ate right in the middle, standing up and had the most delicious meat and cheese tray, accompanied by wine of course.  Before leaving Eataly to head to the hotel and officially check in, we grabbed some gelato!  So yummy!

photo 2(1) photo 4(3)

Once back at the hotel we relaxed for bit before getting ready to head out for dinner.  We called multiple places but there was no availability.  We ended up at a place called Lil Frankie’s.  I’m glad we went there because it was true NYC style italian and I felt like a New Yorker.  It was a tight space and if you didn’t keep on top of the waiter, you wouldn’t get a table.  It was really yummy!  I thought this sign outside the entrance was funny.

photo 5

After dinner, of course there’s dessert.  It was the first stop on my list, Serendipity 3.  The wait was an hour and a half but we killed time and walked around.   We accidentally came across Dylan’s Candy Bar so we stopped in.  It was adorable in there!  They had the biggest gumball machine I’ve ever seen and I loved the pink dresser!

photo 1(7) photo 3(6) photo 4(5) photo 5(6)

We headed back to Serendipity 3 and got right in.  Let me tell you, worth the wait!  It was soooo delicious and the perfect amount too!  The place was vintage & cute just like I imagined.

photo 1(6) photo 2(6)

Last stop before calling it a night was having a drink at the hotel bar.  It was the perfect ending to the day and of course the coaster didn’t hurt 😉

photo 4(4)

The next day we slept in (a little), checked out and then had breakfast at Sarabeth’s.  Another authentic NYC place, to me at least.  When in NYC, you have a mimosa with breakfast.

photo 2(3)

After breakfast we headed to Soho.  Another place I’ve never been.  I really enjoyed it there.  Had a different feel than the big city and the shopping was a plus.  We just walked and went in and out of stores.  I love going into all the Kate Spade stores, they are always so pretty!

photo 1(4)

Kate Spade box display.

photo 2(4)

Live Colorfully neon sign and below was the wall at Converse.

photo 5(2)

Another new experience was the NYC food trucks.  We chose Carl’s Philly cheesesteak.  They were so yummy and the perfect size for something quick.

photo 1(5) photo 2(5)

Last stop before heading home was Georgetown Cupcake.  Oh my goodness, hands down the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.  We bought six and finished the last two last night.  So sad.  But I think you can have them shipped!

photo 3(4) photo 5(4)

Overall it was a fun weekend.  We did a lot but I didn’t feel rushed and got to cross a few things off of my list.  Can’t wait for our next weekend getaway (not sure where yet!).

Happy Tuesday!

xo, ash

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