Wedding Wednesday

So guys this will be my last Wedding Wednesday post and my longest.  It’s a little bittersweet.  BUT after this, now I can finally order prints for parents and our home.  No, I haven’t done that  yet and my  wedding was almost six months ago.  Don’t judge.

The details of our wedding were very important to me and what I spent the most time on.  I think details can add a lot of personality to a wedding along with tying all the elements in.  Another reason it was important was because I didn’t want a cookie cutter wedding since we are not a cookie cutter couple, at least I don’t think so.  I may have been a little bridezilla in regards to the details but I wanted everything to be PERFECT and I wasn’t settling for anything less.


three generations.


a year or so before my wedding when my mother was on vacation she picked up these charms.  It’s my birthstone, my husband’s birthstone and our wedding year.  I had my florist add them to my bouquet.


Since Josh & I started dating, we’ve always pinky swore about numerous things so it was a “must take” picture for me.

There weren’t too many smaller details in the ceremony because it was so short.  I showed you a few weeks ago the flowers for Josh’s mother which was displayed during the ceremony.

ash josh wed 1 0365

Ceremony “Program”.  My Maid of Honor did the writing for this one and the Menu and she did a great job!  The mirror used for this was actually from my grandparents and it’s very old which gave it a bit more meaning.  The candle and floating orchid was also what we used as cocktail table centerpieces.


This was our signature drink in mason jars with DIY tags.  I created the logo in Word and a friend and I cut and assembled all the tags with a backer of silver or purple sparkly paper.  I had cocktail napkins made to match as a sort of “theme” for cocktail hour only.


Eat, Drink & Be Married.  via Etsy.


I LOVED our stationary display setup.  The little cups are actually displayed on cupcake holders I picked up for $15 each at Home Goods.


We had a pretty non-tradtional guestbook of a guitar.  My husband plays music so I thought it was a fun touch.  It also looks really neat and we plan to hang it up in our house.  Our “Menu” was also written on a mirror and I think we got lucky finding it at Home Goods.  I love that the shape that of a vintage menu shape.  Lastly, I wanted to memorialize family members that passed.  I used an empty frame, again from my grandparents, and attached the pictures to ribbon with mini sparkly clothespins.  It’s hard to see in the picture but the sign on the last picture says “We know you’d be here today, if heaven weren’t so far away.”

1385276_10200850826853193_859858241_n 1395150_10200850638528485_1103841810_n 1393849_10200850638128475_1008892535_n

The reception details are by far my favorite.  Again we had the seating chart displayed on  a mirror we found at Home Goods.  Instead of writing though, I had our invitation designer create cards which listed the table numbers and names.  I LOVE the way it came out.

995214_10200850640008522_1884643590_n 1384326_10200850639648513_1900743336_n

Since I paid a pretty penny for flowers and because they were gorgeous I chose to re-use our ceremony arrangements for the entrance to the reception room.  For our reception centerpieces, we had three tall arrangements on the long  grey farmhouse tables along with long mirrored vases in between.  The round tables had three different setups along with two different, alternating linens.  The ruffly linen was my favorite!  In another effort to re-use, we displayed the bridesmaid bouquets around the fountain and it was the perfect touch to something already so beautiful!

It was very important to me that the flowers were perfect.  It was the main color in the room so if they weren’t right, it would have thrown things off.  Luckily, my florist did an AMAZING job!!  Another touch that isn’t as showcased are the black chandeliers.  We did three evenly spaced and not only were they beautiful but they tied in the black chairs as well as drew your eyes up to the glass ceiling.

556846_10200850806252678_524365052_n1381262_10200850806012672_238118413_n1378590_10200850801052548_1295375184_n1382998_10200850800812542_1695956788_n1378163_10200850800412532_1110401197_n1385193_10200850627488209_1160900204_n1377596_10200850889774766_1169705283_nash josh wed 1 04051380636_10200850960736540_1100415478_n

We chose to do a sweetheart table and for that table only, I wanted all white flowers and linens.  As a personal touch, we brought a picture of our puggle since she couldn’t be there with us and she’s a very big part of our lives.

1392465_10200850835253403_678420350_n ash josh wed 1 0395

We also added a doggy touch to our wedding cake.


What’s better than mini ice cream cones?


I keep saying this was important and that was important but really everything was important to me.  I truly LOVED planning my wedding.

Paper was another biggie for me.  I know it’s controversial since it gets thrown away but I think it really sets the tone of your wedding when you send out those invites.  I loved our creative & unique design.  There was a mini envelope which held a folded invitation.  There was lots of sparkle involved as well.  To tie in the purple, headings were in purple ink and the return envelope was purple.  What you don’t see if the envelope line that was ALL sparkle.  One day I will post better pictures of the invites.  I like these but the candlelight make it difficult to see the detail.  We received SOOOO many compliments which made me feel really good about our decision. In addition to invites, our designed also created the setting chart, table numbers, thank you’s and other miscellaneous items.  I think it helped to have them all tie in together.

1378717_10200850922495584_1982155484_n 1375315_10200850921975571_961424359_n ash josh wed 1 0401

Lastly, I will leave you with our sparkler sendoff.  My photographer captured some amazing shots and all of our guest had so much fun participating.  It was the PERFECT way to end the night!

1380444_10200850922735590_68947894_n 1375316_10200850933815867_1930080231_n 575681_10200850936695939_1772489769_n 1382042_10200850936055923_2046481657_n

florist – Weedweavers of Wakefield//event planner – Blissful Events//all photos via Mandy Mayberry//paper – The Paper Perfectionist

Sorry for the late post.  I just wanted to make this last one perfect.  I hope you guys enjoyed sharing in the most special day of my life as much as I did.

xo, ash

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