It’s Monday…again

Ever have one of those Mondays?  I seem to weekly, especially in the winter.  I’m in such a clothing rut too.  Finding less and less ways to wear winter clothes which makes Mondays even harder and not wanting to buy too many Spring clothes just yet since I can’t wear them.  19 days.

  This weekend was actually productive and I’m excited about it!  We finally started painting the doors all black and got some more stuff done in the office.  We are also dog sitting a puppy and while the first few days were a challenge, he’s getting better now and we kinda don’t want to give him back 😉

photo 2blazer//necklace//necklacephoto 5photo 1photo 4photo 3


Some recent Instagram shots.  Have a great Monday!!

xo, ash

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday…again

  1. I can totally relate to the clothing rut thing. I feel like I am wearing the same thing everyday because I just want to be WARM! However, your outfits are all pretty cute…so you may be on your way out of this rut 🙂

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