Shop Talk Thursday

So if you read my blog you know I’ve been working on an office makeover (taking longer than expected) and eventually we will be making over our 2nd bedroom into a large closet.  With any type makeover comes the need to fill the walls with beautiful art whether its photography, prints or paintings.  One of the first places I always look to for affordable art (among countless other things) is Etsy.  I’ve shared my love for Etsy before here and here.

Recently I came upon Rachillustrates and I’m in LOVE.  Her works are simple, fresh, modern and bit sexy.  I can already picture the “XO” print for the closet or even our bedroom.  I’m also really loving her quotes and even the fashion prints, another great option for my closet.

Shop Talk: Rachillustrates

If you love her work as much as I do, please visit her Etsy shop, browse her website or check out her blog!  You can also find her on Facebook & Twitter.

all photos via Rachel Corcoran

It’s almost Friday!

xo, ash

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