Happy Dance, it’s Friday!!


That’s how I feel about Friday this week, how about you?!  This week didn’t drag but I felt busy, hence the lack of posting and I’ve been anxious to hopefully make some headway on a bridal shower I’m planning (procrastination should be my middle name).

Friday Five:

1. loving this floral monogram DIY.  Perfect for Spring and maybe a bridal shower =)

2. picked up this polkadot pencil skirt last week and I can’t wait to style it!

3. This cartoon of a real life love story will definitely get you choked up! Definitely a must watch.

4. This is my new favorite beauty product!  love it!

5. I always wonder when I see (and usually miss!) “National Pancake Day” or “National Doughnut Day” where they came from and are there more?!  I’m still trying to find out where they come from but over at Reasons to Skip the Housework you can download a free printable that lists all of April’s bizarre holidays so you’re sure not to miss one again!  I’m interested in April 12th, 29th and 30th!  yum!  Which ones would you want to participate in?

And I’m going to add a weekly Friday Funny to my Friday Five because why not?  Everyone loves to laugh.  This week we’re talkin margaritas =)

Have a great weekend!!

xo, ash

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