Work It, Girl!

Who loves workout clothes minus the workout?  This girl right here.  I don’t claim to be a fitness/health guru but I do try and keep a bit active (does once a year count?!).  And if all else fails, pretend you work out and look cute 😉

Work It, Girl!

Like I said, I don’t workout often and in the winter even less, if at all.  I’m not a gym person but once the days get longer and weather gets warmer, I am known to go for walks with my dog.  Who doesn’t love a nice, long walk?  But I also have to look cute and I feel so many think that it’s not possible.  Well girls, it is!  Enter yoga pants and fun colored sneaks!  We all know by now I love sneakers but I also LOVE yoga pants, specifically the Victoria Secret line.  Are they not the most comfortable pants, ever!?  And how freakin’ adorable is this “I like the way you work it” tank by Ashley Brooke Designs?!  Of course a few other essentials to a good walk include water for hydration & music for motivation.

There are no rules that say just because you don’t work out, you can’t wear active clothing.  So go ahead!  No one is going to judge you here.

p.s. can anyone relate?


xo, ash

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