Beer Tasting Party

When I think of Fall, I think of sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin carving and new boots.  When my husband thinks of Fall he thinks of mainly football with mostly beer.  Can anyone feel the pain with me?  Now I wouldn’t suggest this on Sunday or Monday or Thursday (all football nights for the ladies who share in my pain) but a Saturday is fair game for a Beer Tasting Party!Beer Tasting Party

When I saw the new line out at Target with Wit & Delight I knew their products would be the perfect pieces for a fall beer tasting party.  Just add some burgers, pretzels and of course the beer and you’re good to go!

The line has everything you need and more including a bottle opener, beverage tub, tasting sheets and flight plan plus for good measure some fun pencils & napkins.  I also LOVE the chalkboard paper which could be used to display your yummy food!

It’s on my weekend agenda to grab a few of these items before they are all gone!  Do you have any Fall themed parties planned this season?

xo  ♥ Ash

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